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November 18 – Beginning Ministry Where

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“My Father is always working and so am I.” (John5:16 NLT).

 READ: John 5: 16-24

 Some people think that God stopped working in creation, but this verse says otherwise. Yes, God rested on the seventh day after creation; He has not been resting since then. Jesus while He was on earth was never idle; He was always on the move doing good works. He testified that God, His Father is always working. God is at work in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure. The base of ministry actually is to see and serve what the Lord is doing and join Him where He is working. The Father wants to work through us and with us.

 If the Lord does not build that house, the laborer is working in vain. It is not enough to build, but to build in the Lord’s glory. If we do not build according to the Lord’s pattern then it will be without His glory- ICHABOD-no glory. If I ought to build as the Lord guides, a visionary and leader or disciple ought to treasure the voice of the Lord far above the activities of ministries, because out of a living relationship comes forth a genuine and impacting ministry. We need the Lord to keep us close to His heart then will we see His glory in our ministry. We need to value our relationship with the Lord as a pre-requisite for a genuine ministry.


Lord keep me close to Your heart that I may bring forth Your will and glory in ministry.


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