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October 2 – Attitude is Everything

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“You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.” (Philippians 2:5).

READ: Numbers 11:4-6

Attitude somebody said determine your altitude; your disposition to life matters a lot. How you view a situation will determine how you react to it. Happiness is a personal thing because nobody can make you happy, being happy is a choice you make on your own. You might be given everything you want in life but your attitude towards life will determine if you enjoy It or not.


Joseph was in prison with others but he still made it a duty to see to the welfare of his fellow prisoners. He was so positive about life that he never allowed his environment to affect his inner peace; he had a positive attitude. The children of Israel never developed an attitude that was to take them far in their journey to the Promised Land, many of them perished because they never learned to alter their attitude. Grown men crying and complaining about onions, garlic and cucumbers. Their attitude blinded them from seeing the big picture, they forgot all so soon how they were delivered, and they were ungrateful and unthankful because of their attitude. 


Your attitude determines your next level. You are where you are today because of your attitude. We must by the help of the Holy Spirit begin to cultivate a healthy attitude towards life and our environment. The Spirit of the Lord is able to quicken our mortal bodies to rejuvenate us and grant us the ability to begin to trust God in every situation; once we can rely on the Lord to handle our situation, it will help us develop a better attitude towards life in general. Your attitude at the beginning of a project determines how far you will go on that project; go out today determined to recreate your world with a healthy attitude towards it.


I take up a positive attitude in Jesus Name. I refuse to mess God’s plan for me with my attitude.


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