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October 21 – Your Time and Your Gains

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“Now godliness with contentment is great gain.” (1Timothy 6:6KJV).

READ: Ephesians 5:15-16


Time is important and we could tie every gain in life to time. The consciousness of time relates to godliness, and today we take that for granted, coming to and leaving church whenever whether the service is still on or not. We even apply such in our secular activities. Godliness includes keeping to time and the Bible points to it as great gain. I was privileged to teach in a school when I was observing my one year National Youth Service some years ago. We were expected to resume work early, sign in and go on with the day’s activities. This was a challenge as it was easy to resume by 9 am and sign in for 7:15am. Deciding to be honest and keeping to time made me stand out, it attracted people to me, and won some to Christ. Being conscious of time has a way of revealing who you are. And that could be your gain.


Making note of the second issue, which has to do with time, has to do with your consciousness of the season of life. “Make the most of every chance you get, these are desperate times.” So, how do you maximize your time to meet your gains in this last time? Every chance you find can change lives. Every opportunity you have can bless lives. Please, look for those to bless with the opportunities God gives to you per time. Bless them with whatsoever you find in your hand. There is great gain in the time you are in now. Let us be wise, not fools redeeming the time.


Father, help me to become conscious of the times I am in, to bless the people I find, so that, I can count my gains in the end. Amen.


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