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September 29 – Servant Bigger than His Master

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“The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord.

(Matthew 10:24 KJV).

READ: 2 Samuel 3:12-39; 1 Kings 2:5-6; 2:28-34.

Today we are dealing with an issue that is affecting the youth of today. There is this tendency to be extremely independent at a very early age when reason hasn’t been completely attained yet. It is more noticeable when the child starts getting to the age of adolescence. That is the age that parents say is the most difficult time to guide a child. The child doesn’t want to take heed of the authority figures.


Joab became notorious and the king had to admit he was too strong for him to control. Joab enjoyed his role as commander of the army of Israel under David and he was indeed very powerful. At one time he even rebuked the king for mourning his dead son and threatened him. Yes that was how powerful the man was. But how did he end? He was executed in the temple and buried in the desert. Are you a man under authority, you must give reverence to the authority figures in your life for it is God that has placed such a one over you. You may be more talented than your head, you may be the one the clients always want to see, you may even be more spiritual than your leader; but that doesn’t make you the head. You may be the bread winner in the house as a woman; you may even be the brain box of the organization: wait for your time, don’t assume responsibility not assigned to you, allow yourself to be led and be subject to authority placed over you and you will be blessed in due time.


Many have destroyed what was supposed to be a blissful career because they were in a haste to be their own boss. Many were not patient enough to learn all the arts of a trade because they felt they were too smart to be led by someone they consider inferior to them even if the person is their boss. Be careful not to fall into that trap for the end may not be as blissful as you’ve imagined if you leave in a rebellious way.



I renounce every spirit of pride and stubbornness in my life today.


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