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July 27 – Lead With Grace Or Be Disgraced

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“He cared for them with a true heart and led them with skilful hands.”  (Psalm 78:72 NKJV).

                                             READ: Psalm 78:70-72 


Leadership is a very delicate venture and it has its own blessings as well as pains. This is dependent on so many factors, but most importantly, the leader.  John Maxwell defines a leader as, “Someone who knows the way, shows the way and leads the way.” Leadership is all about influence. Some leaders emerged from obscurity with compelling vision and courage, when their nations were undergoing turbulent times and they were able to turn things positively around for good. Nehemiah was an exemplary leader, who led with grace and was honoured by his people and also envied by his critics and secretly admired by his opponents for his achievements at a critical time in the history of Israel (Nehemiah 6:1-16). Other categories of leaders simply brought their nations to disrepute due to their self-centeredness, lack of people-centered development initiatives, recklessness with human and material resources and mal-administration. Their lack of leading with grace brought about great disgrace and regrets on their good name and record.


There are people in your circle of influence, lead them with grace. And the best way to do that is to live by example. Your life is a mirror to the world. Live the life of Christ in you and you will influence them to live a better life. You must not be a president or governor to do that. Every man is a leader as long as you can influence someone.



Eternal Father, please help me to learn Your act of humility and grant me wisdom to lead your people with grace, always.


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