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“There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves,” (John 6:9 KJV)

READ: John 6: 6-14


The world is in growing need of leaders, leaders that would be the Joseph of our time. Man has always been in need and would always be in need. Therefore, anybody that can provide a solution just in time becomes the celebrated. Although, nothing was said about the lad after the feeding of the multitude, nobody can tell what Jesus did with the twelve baskets gathered of the pieces of the loaves and fishes that was left over after the multitude had had enough perhaps it was given to the lad.


There are lessons to be learnt from this story; the lad could have hidden what he had and say this is for me. Jesus could have sent the crowd away. What would have happened if that lad was not there with the loaves and the fishes? What if he had not volunteered his Loaves and fishes?


What have you used the talent you have? Have you been tempted to hide the talent? Have you imagined what God can do with what you have? You probably may have more than what the lad had to offer. Remember, the Lad gave all that he had with little or no expectations. One of the easiest ways to lead is to serve and take responsibility where there are no incentives attached to it. The Lad did not just follow Jesus because of bread; he had bread with him. Sometimes your talent may not be enough; your availability may be what would announce you to your world. There is something about being there because when you are there when the people that knows how to do it (professionals) are not there, you become the professional! You are compelled by necessity to learn how to do it. However, you have to be there with the little you have!



Order my footsteps to be there with my talents, I offer all I have to be used of You oh Lord in Jesus name. Amen.


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