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“….he was also a mighty man in valour, but he was a leper.” 

(2 Kings 5:1 KJV).

READ: 2 Kings 5:1-11


The story of Na’aman is such that tells you that no matter your height in life you may have a ‘BUT’ that could pose a limitation to you. There is another interesting part of Na’aman’s life and that is, pride. Na’aman, as a great warrior had gained recognition in the society through his military skills, which also won him the favour of the king. The issue of his sickness was not too important to deny him of his honour in the society. When Na’aman was asked to see the king of Israel for his healing, he expected a high respect from the king but things did not go the way he desired. When Elisha called for him, Na’aman went with expectation, but the reverse was the case. The message of the prophet infuriated him the more. “And Na’aman was wroth, and went away.” (2 Kings 5:11a).


To Na’aman, this was the greatest disregard he has ever received. In the first place, as a show of pride when Na’aman got to Elisha’s house, he did not enter the house but rather stood at the door (2 Kings 5:9). I believe Na’aman could have seen himself too important to enter such a poor prophet’s house. Na’aman’s pride blew up when he said, “I thought he will surely come out to me and stand and call on the name of the Lord his God” (2 Kings 5:11). Thank God for the intervention of a servant, otherwise, Na’aman would have died a leper. The problem with Na’aman was that he came to God with a wrong mindset.


We may pardon him because he did not know the scriptures but what do we say of believers who want their desires to happen just as they have planned it, “the desires of the righteous shall be granted” and when it seems delayed, they get angry and threaten to leave God. Remember, the desires of the righteous are met only according to His will. It is important we begin to check our hearts each time we come to God. Let go of who you are and come just as you are.


My Lord and my God I humble myself and come to You today, I ask for grace to help me remain thus in my life in Jesus name. Amen.

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