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“The Labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he

knoweth not  how to go to the city.”  (Ecclesiastics 10 15 KJV).

READ: 1 Samuel 16:14-23


The “know-how” (technical know-how) in that verse of scripture means skill. Wisdom requires that everyone should have relevant skill in his areas of calling or assignment. Skill is the practical ability to do something well. It is growing, making progress or advancement in the way you do things. The world is looking for skillful people, not liabilities. Skillful people are assets. David had his breakthrough that led to his going to the palace through his skill at playing the harp. God also used him to kill Goliath because he could handle the catapult adeptly. King David also guided the children of Israel astutely. (Psalm 78: 70 -72).


One can develop skills through:

  1. Training: Quality training can make giants out of riff-raffs. 400 ordinary fellows trained by David in 1 Samuel 22:2-3 later emerged to become mighty men of David in 2 Samuel 23:8. Brevity permits me to mention 300 men trained by Gideon in Judges 8:4 who later killed 135,000 men with the swords. What about Abraham in Genesis 14:14-20.

2.  Attend courses and seminars relevant to your calling. Look for them.

3.  Read widely: Reading relevant books will enhance your productivity.

          4.  Ask God for wisdom. The spirit of God will always give inspiration (Job 32:8).

Skill is a covenant demand or requirement for commanding breakthroughs in any field. GO GET IT.


Lord, I receive grace for self-development in Jesus name.


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