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“And they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their clothes upon it, and He sat on it. And many spread their clothes on the road, and others cut down leafy branches from the trees and spread them on the road.”   (Mark 11: 7, 8 NKJV).

READ: Mark 11:1-10


The colt brought to Jesus had never been ridden upon before. The colt had to be decorated, made beautiful and honourable because of the personality it was to carry. The decoration may be seen as something that yet occurred but I must infer at this point that it was expedient. Note that you cannot see kings ride on horses that are not decorated and adorned beautifully.


Making yourself attractive entails endowing yourself with things that catch the eye, draw attention and astonish people. Things that make everyone want to talk with you, wait to be your friend, want to associate with you, want to hear you speak etc. No wonder God has endowed us all with talents, intelligence, skills, beauty, structure etc. All these are decorative endowments, which He expects us to show forth in beautiful array presenting Jesus to the nations that they may be attracted to Him. Note that though it was the colt that was decorated, it was to Jesus to whom praises were sung. 


It could be inferred that if the colt refused to carry the Master, the decorations would likely be removed for another colt that would be ready. And the colt could not have been decorated if it was not patient enough for the process to be carried out and as such would not have been qualified to carry the Master. Wait and allow God to decorate your life for the assignment He has for you. Welcome to the month of February where God will decorate your life for His glory.


Father I ask that You help me wait for your decorative process. And after decorating me help me carry out my assignment faithfully in Jesus name. Amen.


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