PHI Devotional – Celebrating God's Faithfulness

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“A soldier on duty doesn’t get caught up in making deals at the marketplace. He concentrates on carrying out orders.” (2 Timothy 2:4 MSG).

READ: 2 Timothy 2:1-7


One of the first things a soldier learns to do is follow rules and orders. When a soldier is called to duty, he leaves everything to heed the call. To carry out orders successfully, the soldier is obligated to heed the commands of his general. In 2010 Commonwealth games, Australian Sprinter, Sally Pearson won the gold medal in the 100m race, but was stripped of it when it was found out that she had a false start; the gold then went to Nigerian Osayemi Oludamola. However, she too was stripped of it when she failed a drug test. Although they both ran the race, neither of them qualified for the medal in the end because they did not compete according to the rules. 

As Christians, if our Master must commend us, we must ensure to carry out His orders and commands lawfully. As soldiers, God requires that we constantly and consciously distance ourselves from all entanglements that pose as setbacks to our life of faith. We must carry only those things necessary for duty as the scripture urges us to “Lay aside every weight, and the sins that so easily beset us.” (Hebrews 12:1 KJV). Are there relationships, habits, and engagement, leisure activities that seem to make you trip often? Jesus is asking you today, by the power of the Holy Spirit to cut them away. Separating yourself from the world does not mean that you become, “too heavenly minded for any earthly good.” Remember, God has called you to be the salt and light of the world and to live in dominion for His glory. Your life everyday should be a worthy representative of the One who has sent you. Live daily by depending upon the Holy Spirit as your teacher and guide. Seek to please Him in all your actions and conduct and God will surely be commending you.


Father, open my eyes to the entanglements in my life and give me grace to get rid of every one of them. In Jesus name, amen.


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