PHI Devotional – Celebrating God's Faithfulness

A collection of daily devotionals from a variety of Contributors at Pro-Health International


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“Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is.”  (Mark 13:33 NKJV).

 READ: Matthew 25:1-13


The parable of the ten virgins in our text this morning clearly distinguishes two categories of Christians. The first group represents the wise Christians (five wise virgins) while the other group represents the foolish Christians (five foolish virgins). The wise Christians are those who are watchful, focused, steadfast and working out their salvation with fear and trembling in conscious preparation for Christ’s soon return. The foolish Christians are the lukewarm, the unfaithful and the unfruitful ones who spend their time on everything except dedication to God. Which group do you belong to?  


Examine yourself and your Christian life closely. The Bible declares in Lamentation 3:40, “Let us search and try our ways and turn again to the Lord.” Beloved, Jesus is coming soon.  How prepared are you? Remember, heaven is a prepared place for prepared people.  This is the time to prepare for His second coming. Will He meet you a wise or foolish Christian at His return? (Mark.13:33-37). No one knows the hour the Lord will come. Since that day shall come unexpectedly, let us be spiritually alert and faithful to our God and His Word. Be wise and watchful so that that day does not take you unawares.


Holy Spirit, help me to be sensitive to Your promptings and Your leading! Do not let me slip from this way of Righteousness Lord in Jesus’ name.


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