PHI Devotional – Celebrating God's Faithfulness

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“By me, kings reign and princes decree justice. By me, princes’ rule, and noble, even all the judges of the earth.” (Proverbs 8: 15-16 KJV).

READ: Proverbs 4; Ecclesiastics 8:4


It takes wisdom for a king to reign in any kingdom. This is because he will be faced with so many situations to handle. One cannot successfully reign in such condition without wisdom. It is the key to successfully leading a people with different ideas and orientations. Proper judgments are given based on the quality of wisdom a man exhibits. God has called us to be kings according to Revelations 5:10 (KJV). And reigning on this earth is our inheritance. Since reigning on the earth is our lifestyle, the tool for doing that lies in the wisdom we have. We are expected to exercise kingship in all areas of our life. You are meant to lead in your business life, career, and family and health life. The life of a king is a life free from sorrow, pains and worries. He is a man at rest. 


This is the life we are meant to live as Christians. The devil has no authority over us. Instead we are meant to reign and rule over him. Our life and the people around are our territory. He is not allowed to trespass, reign with the wisdom of God. It is the word of God within you that gives you the power to exercise kingship. It is the wisdom of God that makes you a victor. Have a passion to feed on the word daily. It produces within you the wisdom to live successfully in life. You have the wisdom of God in you by the person of the Holy Spirit. By His leading, the word of God will be a very powerful tool for success in life. You are a king. Live it! 


I reign as a king in this life because I have the wisdom of God in me. I will never walk in confusion. The word of God abides in me. I am a victor. Hallelujah!


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